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About My Franchise USA

Cristiana Jones, President and Founder

Cristiana Jones’ journey epitomizes the American Dream and the entrepreneurial spirit. Her belief in the USA as the Land of Opportunity stems from her firsthand experience as part of a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Understanding the challenges entrepreneurs face, she chose to immigrate to the USA, seeking greater control over her destiny as an American Business Owner. Her passion is fueled by the desire to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed, evident in her venture, My Franchise USA.

When I graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1995, I stated in my first job interview that I wanted to start my own business. I had no idea that dream would come true…

I have 18 years of work experience in multinationals (medium and small size companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry). This experience has given me a first-hand insight into the many obstacles to entrepreneurship that exist in Europe–from restrictive regulations, to high labor costs and taxes, to never-ending administrative nightmares.

In 2002 I came to the US via a work visa and I obtained the green card in 2007. After working for world class companies in various industries ranging from project management, to supply chain, manufacturing and quality assurance, I realized the dream of starting my own business was still very much alive.

Armed with the knowledge and experience of what it takes to make the move to the USA and become a successful entrepreneur, I decided to start my own company–after having looked at buying a franchise, I realized that my dream was to help other people buy a franchise and start a business in America.

A PERSONAL TOUCH. Cristiana Jones has gone through every stage of the American Immigration Process and understands how to turn a successful, profitable franchise business dream into a reality. She is also fluent in five languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Hungarian.

From finding out which visa best suits you and your family’s needs to actually choosing a franchise, already established business, or brand new business venture, Cristiana offers a one-stop solution complete with every resource you will need before and after immigrating. So how has she learned all of this information?

A WALK IN YOUR SHOES. Before becoming the owner and CEO of My Franchise USA, Cristiana was just like you…tired of regulations and bogged down by inconsistent (and unreliable) workers that she was required to keep on the payroll, she decided that something had to change. Between costs of Healthcare and Business Taxes, she realized it was time to simplify and accelerate her business…

“When I first came to the US, I moved for 2 years on a work visa. I went back to Europe, and I found that I was very unhappy with the job market.”

Cristiana quickly went to work educating herself on exactly what it would take to not only immigrate to the USA, but to go there and prosper in business. One of the most attractive characteristics of migrating to open a US-based company was the rhythm of business in The States.

“If you’re trying to run a successful business in the modern world, you need to live in a world that’s awake and ready to roll at all times.”

No matter how quickly she wished to work or how swiftly she needed to react to a hiccup or problem, Cristiana realized that in America she would not have to wait for government approval (or depend on the slow speeds of other businesses) to get the job done...she could achieve however much she wished–however fast she wished to work.

“America is The Land of The Free–for the person and their company.”

Now (between family-time and cave diving in Florida), she teaches other Entrepreneurs and American Franchise Dreamers how to take full-control of their destiny and make the most of their business ventures on American Soil.

A DREAM FOR ALL. My Franchise USA has extensive experience in dealing with customers from diverse cultures and can offer consulting services in Spanish, French & Italian, in addition to English. We understand cultural differences and we look forward to connecting with people from all areas of the world.

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  • 18 years of work experience in multinationals (medium and small size companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
  • 2015 Visionary of The Year Award for her innovative business practices with foreign investors
  • 2016 Silver Broker of The Year with the Franchise Brokers Association
  • Cristiana holds two Master’s Degrees in Engineering from top rated European Universities (Ecole Centrale Paris and Politecnico Turin).
  • One of the pioneers of the TIME program–Top Industrial Managers for Europe–that built double diploma programs with top European Universities
  • Cristiana holds also a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, she had completed special education on Project management via AFNOR (european institutions are not as fond of certifications as the US) and was a Lean Practitioner when working in the corporate environment.
  • Experience working in a wide variety of roles and industries in international assignments–from Corporate Quality, Production Unit Director, Supply Chain expert, Product Development Director
Mission Statement: “Our mission at My Franchise USA is to help foreign entrepreneurs fulfill their American Dreams. By finding the ideal business that meets your profitability goals, time frame for investment, and personal passion, we ensure that you have an easy-to-follow plan that works for you. We vow to help you through every step of the immigration and franchise selection process–and if you need extra support, we also offer experienced consulting services and business development assistance for both US and non-US investors.”

Finding The Right Business For Your Lifestyle

Have you ever thought of owning your own business, but don’t know where to start? We provide a franchise consulting service for individuals considering franchise ownership. We specialize in matching people with franchise opportunities that will meet their particular goals and objectives and fit their lifestyle.

Think of us as your Project Management Solution. You arrive with a goal, we assemble all the resources you need and coordinate all the moving pieces so that the project is executed in the most efficient and reliable way.

Our consultation service can save you both time and money in your search and help you to avoid costly mistakes. Our goal is to help you identify franchise opportunities that will meet your personal, professional and financial goals. We also work with over 300 top franchises across all industries and investment ranges. These franchises have been screened and evaluated based on their success and track records and offer the safest, strongest and most lucrative opportunities in franchises today. The advantages of working with us are:

  • We will help you find franchises that are recession resistant and offer long-term growth
  • We will help you find franchises that offer solid earnings potential and high resale value.
  • We will save you a significant amount of time as our process is simple and efficient.
  • Our service is unmatched and you will pay the same price for any franchise opportunity whether you work with us or not.
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