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Are you ready to fast-track your immigration and career goals into an American Dream Come True?

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US Investor Immigration is a decision that will affect your future, your family, and your fortunes. Once you make the investment to become a new business owner in America–you are choosing to take total control over your destiny. With a well-developed immigration plan, you can begin living your dream much sooner than you ever expected.

My Franchise USA is a One-Stop Consultation Service for your every business need–from franchise investment to work visas and green cards, our mission is to help you develop the very best business and immigration plan for your American Dream.

Mission Statement

“Our mission at My Franchise USA is to help foreign and US entrepreneurs fulfill their American Dreams. By finding the ideal business that meets your profitability goals, time frame for investment, and personal passion, we ensure that you have an easy-to-follow plan that works for you. We vow to help you through every step of the immigration and business selection process–and if you need extra support, we also offer experienced consulting services and business development assistance for both US and non-US investors.”

Cristiana Jones, President and Founder

“Cristiana Jones believes that the USA is still the Land of Opportunity and the best place to start a successful business. Having been raised by family of entrepreneurs and small business owners, she understands how difficult it can be for a CEO to succeed under European Law and Regulations. That’s why she made the move to immigrate and become an American Business Owner–to take full control of her destiny and pursue her most exciting dream–helping immigrants find success through My Franchise USA…

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Discover Which Entrepreneurial Solution BEST Fits YOUR Lifestyle

Have you ever thought of owning your own business, but don’t know where to start?

My Franchise USA provides business and franchise consulting services for individuals considering business ownership in America. We specialize in matching people with the right business opportunities that will meet their particular goals and unique immigration circumstances.


Our consultation service will save you both time and money in the search for the perfect business opportunity (and help you avoid making any costly mistakes). Our goal is to help you identify franchise opportunities or existing businesses that will meet your personal, professional, and financial ambitions. We bring you the resources, attorneys, CPAs, franchise information, and business know-how you will need to have a smooth and effortless investor immigration process.

Which is the best Immigration Investment Option for you?

Why Would You Want To Do Business In The US?

What Kind Of American Business Will You Own? Trying to decide between New Business Ownership and a Franchise Opportunity?

Depending on your financial circumstances and investor visa goals, you may be better suited for one more than the other. My Franchise USA takes a very pragmatic approach toward helping you find the right franchise or new business opportunity for a successful future.

The Good News.

Owning a business in the USA–franchise or your own innovation–grants you more freedom to work, earn, and succeed than anywhere else in the world. American Business law is far more flexible than anywhere in Europe. With fewer regulations, restrictions, and requirements you will enjoy a much more efficient and effective business process than if you had franchised in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

The Key Differences.

Franchise Investment & Ownership. Not just anyone can buy a franchise. Franchisors use their experience and knowledge running a profitable franchise to teach other business owners how to replicate their success–so while you are trying to choose a franchise, remember that a franchisor is trying to select the right applicant to represent their company.

The main emphasis on franchise ownership is on learning–as long as you’re prepared to master the way the franchise does business (based on its own history of success), the most important element of franchise ownership is that you believe in the franchise and that it believes in you!

Starting A New Business. While Franchise Ownership may appear a bit more rigid in its rules, there’s a reason for that. If you aren’t a seasoned business owner, taking on a venture as big as business startup can be a major undertaking. Not everyone has the resources, financials, and skill to start a business and ensure it will withstand market fluctuations or other unforeseen circumstances. While you have more control of a business you start from scratch–you also take on more risk.

My Franchise USA works with more than 300 Top Franchises across all industries and investment ranges in America. These franchises have been screened and evaluated based on their success and track records and offer the safest, strongest and most lucrative opportunities in franchises today.

Not interested in a franchise?

We are ready to connect you with an existing business opportunity! No matter which market or state you wish to begin your American Dream in, My Franchise USA is equipped to help you navigate the process of finding, selecting, and achieving any kind of business goal. E-2, EB-5, L-2...WHICH VISA IS BEST FOR ME?

Cristiana Jones has gone through every stage of the American Immigrant Visa process and understands how to turn a successful, profitable franchise business dream into a reality. Find out which visa is the very best fit for your family’s needs, financial concerns, and future franchise dreams.

Why Choose My Franchise USA?

Easily locate franchises and existing businesses that offer long-term growth opportunities.
Save time learning how to immigrate and begin your entrepreneurship with our simple and efficient process.
Discover established businesses that fit your unique goals.
Take your dream to the next level. Our service is designed to make finding and beginning a new business venture a quick and simple process.


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